There are 2 versions of all of the pages, except the panoramas. Large and small.

  • The large format for better viewing these sites on TV’s or with wider screen monitors.
  • If you are viewing the large version, you may need to resize your browser window to see the captions.
  • If you find that you’d just like to view with a fixed-height, smaller image, there is a small version.
  • You can reach the small versions through the menu: look to the right for “small”. Or see below where the small versions are listed.

Also, this site is view-able on your smart phones, but make sure that you have a good data plan.

Many of the pages are password protected. If you are family or friend of the family, we are happy to share. Just let me know if you did not get the password.

If you have trouble with any aspect of the site, please let me know.